GM Gyvai 2019

Non-profit organisation "Good Music Live" presents 2019 spring season!

The “Gurdjieff Ensemble” consists of more than 10 musicians. They all play authentic and ancient instruments - unforgettable sound duduk and many more which are not so well known - blul, saz, tare, kamanca, udas, kanun, santur, dap, tembouk, dhol, pku, zurna, kshots, burvar.

February 1st 7 p.m. St Johns church, Vilnius
February 2nd 7 p.m, club “Ramybė”, Palanga
February 3rd 7 p.m. Kaunas cultural center, Kaunas

The “Gurdijieff Ensemble” subtle music is distinguishable for its’ forms, rituals which lead us closer to distant civilizations. One of the kinds, soft, spacious and atmospheric. From soft, hypnotizing sounds of duduk to subtle passages and dances. Deep, mysterious sounds inspire its’ listeners and leads audience through endless paths of Armenian philosophical and artistic ideas.