Chico Trujillo

The band “Chico Trujillo” has earned the name of world class party band. This band is one of the most known bands from Chile.

Musical pieces of this band are being played almost in every party from north to south corners of the country.

The “Chico Trujillo” connects classical cumbia, bolero, reggae, Latin American, Balkan music in their music. This cocktail of many genres of music is enjoyable for listeners of different generations.


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It is kind of a paradox that music of the “Chico Trujillo” sounds so modern but it is inspired by 6-7 decade generation of the early bands of cumbia.

This band connected the smallest bits of past cumbia and the alternative culture that is full of world’s influences under the flag of Latin cumbia.

At this moment the “Chico Trujillo” has released eight albums and two of them are records of live performances.