Buryatia meets Lithuania

UḌU is the water of our earth, connecting us all together. Our bodies are water vessels that carry the genetic codes of our ancestors. Folk songs are a way to go deeper into yourself, into your roots. What language does your soul sing in? A musical group of two nations that unites the musical heritage of Buryatia and Lithuania. Throat singing is associated with the Baltic songs of pagan times, when man and nature were one.

Photo by Rasa Pupelytė

Project united the Buryat singer Alexander Arkhincheev, Lithuanian singer Laurita Peleniūtė, musicians Tadas Dešukas and Gediminas Stankevičius.

The team called UḌU (that means "water" in the ancient Sanskrit language).

Label: CPL-Music
Release date: 25/10/2019